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The following terms of use apply to all users of LifeLab’s learning platform "", which will be abbreviated as “Learning Platform”. In this document "we" refers to LifeLab and "you" refers to the user of the Learning Platform. 

1. Purpose – what is “” and what can it be used for?  

LifeLab is a unique initiative created by the University of Southampton in collaboration with the National Institute for Health Research, Southampton Biomedical Research Centre and University Hospital Southampton.  Our programmes include on site educational experiences at the LifeLab education centre, work experience, research studies, teacher professional development, opportunities for scientists to train and take part in our programmes and fully resourced educational programmes provided for in-school delivery.  

LifeLab's mission is to empower children and young people, through scientific discovery, to make positive lifestyle choices for their health, wellbeing and resilience and for that of children they may have in the future.  

The learning platform is a free educational platform developed by LifeLab for teachers, students, parents and carers, and researchers which enables us to share LifeLab programmes and resources across the UK and wider afield, ultimately educating and empowering children and young people for lifelong health.  

The Learning Platform provides programmes (courses) which are broken down into modules (lessons) and activities. The Learning Platform hosts LifeLab resources which are available to view or download (such as PowerPoints, videos and PDFs) and online learning modules for interactive learning (e.g. self-directed learning for students). Depending on how the programme is structured, resources are open access (available for all to view and use), password protected (we will provide you with the details) or for registered users only.   

2. Responsibilities of the user/ general user responsibilities 

By registering, the user is granted a non-transferable, simple right to use the Learning Platform. 

The use of the Learning Platform is limited to those described under Section 1 i.e. for non-commercial educational purposes only. Any other uses, in particular commercial uses and use for marketing purposes, are explicitly prohibited. Storage space made available to the user may only be used to store the created content. Any use other than for the intended purpose is also prohibited. 

In addition, users are obligated to comply with statutory provisions in general and with copyright and data protection law in particular. When linking to external websites, the user must check that they do not contain any unlawful content.  

Users are not allowed to place any content on the Learning Platform if it violates legal regulations or involves pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, insulting, threatening, inciting or racist content. The placing of content for the purpose of advertising of any kind, as well as the transmission of information that contains a virus, error, manipulation or similar damaging elements, is also prohibited, as is the placing of content that damages the reputation of LifeLab or the University of Southampton. 

2.1 Special obligations in handling personal data 

In the programmes, you may have access in part to personal data, e.g. the names and usernames or forum entries of other course participants. All users are obligated to treat the data of other users available to them, as well as personal data to which they have access, in a strictly confidential manner and may not to pass them on to third parties or process them for other purposes without authorisation. The only exception is the appropriate written consent of the data subject. 

Special categories of personal data (e.g. health data) may only be placed in the system for a specific purpose in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR and other legal requirements with the explicit written and effective consent of the data subject. In principle, such data are only to be processed in a pseudonymised, but wherever possible anonymised form. 

3. Copyright  

LifeLab is committed to respecting copyright and intellectual property rights.  

3.1 LifeLab copyright and intellectual property rights  

Copyright ownership  

Please note that the intellectual property rights in all content comprising or contained within this website address is owned by LifeLab and other copyright owners as specified.  

Reproducing content from the Learning Platform  

The Learning Platform content may be used for non-commercial educational purposes only. Reproduction of the Learning Platform for any purposes is not permitted. Use of the LifeLab logo, brand identities or trademarks is not permitted without prior consent from LifeLab.  

3.2 Contents originating from third parties   

Take down notice  

LifeLab has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that third party content used in LifeLab lessons is reproduced with consent of the respective copyright holders, where appropriate. If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on this Learning Platform for which you have not granted permission (or is not covered by a copyright exception under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) please contact LifeLab by email stating the following:   

  • Your name, e-mail address and phone number  
  • The web page address where you found the work  
  • The nature of the complaint  
  • A statement that you are the copyright holder or are authorised to act on behalf of the rights holder. You may be asked to provide proof of this ownership.  

Send your e-mail to: - which will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt. We will investigate the matter and, if agreement cannot be reached, aim to take down the content from our website within 30 working days.  

4. Liability and exclusion of use on the part of users  

4.1 Liability on the part of users 

If a user culpably violates the Terms of Use or legal obligations, he/she is liable as stipulated by law. 

4.2 Exclusion of use 

If there is a violation of the Terms of Use, the user will be asked to refrain from such behavior. If he or she does not comply with this request, the administrators of the Learning Platform will exclude him or her from using the platform. There is no right to re-registration. One of the conditions for re-registration is a written request with an assurance that the abusive behavior will be refrained from in the future. 

5. Liability on the part of the University of Southampton  

The University of Southampton, as operator of the Learning Platform, is solely liable for grossly negligent or intentional breaches of duty. This applies in particular to damage caused by downloading materials from the Learning Platform. The University of Southampton is to be indemnified from claims of third parties due to the non-observance of copyrights by the users of the Learning Platform. 

6. Amendment of the Terms of Use 

LifeLab reserves the right to extend or amend these Terms of Use. The valid Terms of Use are published on the Learning Platform. 

7. Support and inquiries 

Please use our e-mail address:  

If you contact us directly, your e-mail address will only be used for correspondence with you. When you communicate with us via e-mail, it is assumed that you also wish to receive a reply by e-mail, unless you express the desire to communicate in another form. If necessary, your e-mail will be forwarded to the responsible member of the team at the University for further processing.