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LifeLab EACH-B Research Trial

There is increasing scientific evidence that lifestyle choices at an early age can drastically affect young people’s health and the health of their children in the future. 

The EACH-B programme investigates risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases, including heart, lung and liver disease, as well as communicable diseases, such as COVID-19, to raise young people’s awareness and interest in the science underpinning health issues.  

The LifeLab module incorporates science education and behavioural change research with the aim of helping young people: 

  • develop their reasoning and decision-making skills  

  • make positive changes to adolescent health-related attitudes  

  • break cycles of unhealthy behaviour 

This is delivered through a series of four lessons that culminate in a day of hands-on practical activities where students have the opportunity to explore their own health. In subsequent lessons, students are then challenged to use enquiry-based learning to conduct their own health investigation using research methods, with the students presenting their findings and outcomes.  

Engaging Adolescents in Changing their Behaviour (EACH-B) is the research trial measuring the effectiveness of this approach. Funded by the National Institute for Health Research, the LifeLab module is one component of the three-part intervention which includes training teachers in Healthy Conversation Skills and offering young people a smartphone game to support them to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes. Please watch the video to see a short trailer of one of our games.

Who is it for? 

All local authority or academy secondary schools in Hampshire and surrounding areas are eligible to take part in the LifeLab EACH-B Research Trial. We are recruiting Year 8 students (aged 12–13 years) from 50 secondary schools / academies to take part. 

How to take part  

For further information about the trial including details of how to register your school to take part please email  

Accessing the resources  

Please note, the module is only available to schools enrolled on the trial. Registered schools are provided with a school username and password to access the resources.  

If your school is enrolled on the research trial, please click here to login to the LifeLab  resources.  

Further information