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Early LifeLab Health Warriors in 2023/24

Overview of Health Warrior Prgrammes

The Health Warriors programme has gone from strength to strength this year.  

Our resources have been used in 20 schools reaching more than 4545 primary school children.  

Our aim is to provide primary school teachers with comprehensive, hands-on learning resources to teach children the science behind why it is important to make healthy life choices. We want to encourage children to use their understanding of themselves and their bodies to support their decisions related to nutrition, exercise and sleep. 

Who are our Health Warriors?

The Health Warriors programme stems from the success of our LifeLab programme, and instead of targeting teenagers, we work with children aged between four and 11 years old about how we can live healthier lives.  

Each of our Health Warriors covers a different area of learning and are introduced with lively videos linking to the fun learning activities.


These are just some of the activities the children have enjoyed this year

  • - Using stethoscopes to compare their heart rate before and after exercise
  • - Using role play equipment to set up a healthy café
  • - Exploring bone strength using chocolate bars
  • - Crawling through a supersize circulatory system to deliver oxygen to different parts of the body

The feedback we have received from our teachers has been fantastic

Our resources and Teacher Professional Development are free to Southampton Schools. Please get in touch if you would like to book in by emailing