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SEND COVID-19 Educational Resources

LifeLab's SEND COVID-19 resources, originally developed for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight (HIOW) Saliva Testing Programme, provide information in different formats to support students with a wide range of Special Education Needs and Disabilities.  

Alongside supporting participation in testing programmes, the resources promote understanding around COVID-19 and address potential anxiety, not only about testing programmes, but about topics such as vaccination and transmission. The resources explore the science behind common health messages and why we are being asked to change our behaviour in line with public health advice. The resources also show the important role we are all playing in controlling the pandemic by following the public health guidelines and participating in testing and vaccination programmes. 

The resources have been developed in a range of formats and styles and have been made with a variety of abilities in mind, so they can be delivered to a broad age range and spectrum of need.  

Recognising that it isn’t possible to develop comprehensive resources that will meet all needs, these have been developed to be editable – either by settings themselves, or by requesting specific edits/resources/topics. Please email with any feedback or requests.  

Examples of resources that are currently available include: 

Symbol Assisted Stories - created to provide clear information in a format that is inclusive and accessible. Symbols have been placed on keywords to aid comprehension using diverse and inclusive visual content. Topics include vaccinations, safe practices and COVID-19 testing.  

Social Stories - provided in a range of styles, some using cartoon characters, others using photographs and some using symbols. These cover a range of topics including COVID-19 testing. This section includes 'Praise Stories' which highlight positive behaviour and safe practices.  

General Resources - include a range of resources, for example a 'Test Pack Hint and Tips' for the saliva test, ‘Talking Mats’ to aid communication and ‘Flashcard Sets’ created to aid communication around a number of topics relating to COVID-19.  

Cartoon Q&As - provide cartoon conversations that address questions about COVID-19 testing and exploring some of the science behind health messages and guidance as part of our response to the pandemic. 

Who are the resources for?  

The resources have been developed to be used by schools and colleges, but also for parents to use at home with their children. 

Accessing the resources  

Teachers at schools and colleges can access the resources here  

Parents and carers can access the resources here  

Further information