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COVID-19 General Testing Educational Resources

These educational resources enable students to explore their understanding of why we are being asked to follow specific public health guidelines, including mass testing and how these actions help contain the COVID-19 virus.  

The bitesize sessions have been designed to take no more than 15 minutes to fit into tutor time at school or college and cover themes including; 

  • why we have been asked to change our behaviour 

  • how mass testing helps stops the spread of the virus  

  • how the vaccines work 

By engaging students with the science behind the messages, the lessons support the students’ understanding of how their actions can play a part in helping to protect our families and communities, acting as a reminder to students to participate in testing programmes. 

The programme comprises of five sessions provided in two different formats: 

  • a downloadable video that can be played and paused at any relevant points to facilitate a class discussion 

  • a PowerPoint with all relevant video clip links so the content can be delivered by staff themselves 


Who is it for?  

The resources have been developed to be used by secondary schools and colleges who are participating in any type of COVID-19 testing programme. The sessions can be delivered in schools and colleges but could also be accessed by parents/carers to use at home with their children. 

Accessing the resources 

Teachers at schools can access the resources here 

Teachers at colleges can access the resources here